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He might share a name with the man many credit with inventing rock and roll, but this Chuck is no slouch either when it comes to making a big noise, only this Kiwi does it with wings. Chuck’s big stunts so far have included the world’s first wingsuit skydive across Yokohama Harbour in Japan in 2006 and being the first in the world to skydive using just a tent in 2007. In 2009 he mastered yet another challenge when he jumped the previously unbeaten Terror Peak a 1400m (4600ft) granite pillar in the Southern Alps of his homeland’s South Island. An aircraft engineer by profession Chuck knows all about the science involved in what he does but utlimately reckons the kick is being involved in an activity in which “your livelihood rests on faith in yourself, confidence to perform and lightning reflexes to make critical decisions and act accordingly to keep oneself alive”.